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What is OPC?

OPC is the interoperability standard for secure and reliable data exchange in the world of industrial automation. It intends to provide a smooth flow of information, on a platform independent basis, between devices and systems from different vendors. In other words, OPC is an interpreter standing in between the devices on site and the clients

Oracle SQL Developer GUI problem on Windows

If you have just installed Oracle SQL Developer on your Windows machine and having GUI problems such as buttons and other controls are not visible, they are not responding, weird shapes showing up as you move your mouse then you may need a small configuration to make things work fine. As the program runs with

Automation Pyramid and Level 2

What is Automation Pyramid? Modern automation solutions aim to boost enterprise productivity by increasing product quality while decreasing production costs. The higher process complexity and production volume gets in a production plant, the more benefits are gained from automation solutions. Business processes and manufacturing processes cannot be separately managed in integrated production plants where various