Hello everyone! I am Hasan Avşar. I am an electrical and electronics engineer from Turkey. Graduated in 2005 from Çukurova University (Adana, Turkey). In the past years after graduation, I have had several positions as automation/software engineer in several companies. Currently I work as Level 2 automation chief engineer at a steel strip processing factory.

I believe ideas and knowledge grow bigger and faster as you share them. And sharing knowledge is a perfect way of connecting people with each other. So I decided to start this blog in 2017 to share as much infomation and experience as I can with anyone who is interested. And possibly to learn from anyone who may or will contribute to this blog with their comments and suggestions.

People working in a private company and holding a similiar position as I do, will agree that the corporate needs we are expected to satisfy and the problems we are supposed to solve teach us many things every day. Every problem is another time consuming challenge and a great opportunity to evlove our skills. Here in this blog, I am planning to publish articles about the problems I face and the solution that I have for them. And I am also planning to share information about the new things I study and learn in my personal fields of interest.

The articles will be mostly about software development but they are not limited to it. I will try to support my articles with video tutorials to make it more understandable.

Thank you very much for your interest in my blog and in reading this “about” page. Please do not hesitate to contact me for your comments and questions. I hope to see you visiting back.