Oracle SQL Developer GUI problem on Windows

If you have just installed Oracle SQL Developer on your Windows machine and having GUI problems such as buttons and other controls are not visible, they are not responding, weird shapes showing up as you move your mouse then you may need a small configuration to make things work fine.

As the program runs with problems, you will not always be able to see all the buttons and controls that this post instructs you to click. So you will need to guess where things are. Sometimes the controls partially appear and it get easier to proceed. And sometimes the controls become visible as you hover your mouse on them. So just go ahead and move the cursor around after each click to see if you can reveal anything. I made some screenshots here to make it easier to find where everything is.

First, run the program executable and wait for the main window to show up. Then go to Tools > Preferences from the top menu.

Preferences window will show up. Select “Environment” from the tree view menu on the left. It is the top most item. You will click on the “Environment” itself, not click to expand and select the sub items of it.

“Environment” options will show up on the right. “Look and Feel” option is set to “Oracle” by default and you need to set it to “Windows”. Go on and select “Windows“ option from the combo box. And click “OK” button at the bottom. But be careful, the right most button at the bottom is “Cancel”. You need to search it on the left side of it. Otherwise you will have to start over.

When you click “OK”, a pop up will show asking for confirmation to restart the application. You can either directly hit “Enter” to confirm or try to find the “Yes” button. It is the second button from the bottom right. Once the application is restarted the SQL Developer GUI problem must be gone.

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